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Ignite The Woman Within


An exquisite 8-day odyssey of self-discovery, deep in the heart of your brilliance and magic.


Costa Rica

~ May 5th to May 12th 2018 ~



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Have you heard that tiny whisper deep inside you singing your name?

Despite your great and amazing life, is there a brighter, more authentic YOU yearning to step forward?

A joy, a love, a sense of adventure that wants to come alive and be set on fire?

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Is there is a quiet desperation burgeoning within you?

Do you go to sleep wondering if the gifts that you are meant to share will go undiscovered and unexpressed in this lifetime?

Are you are ready to step into your true glory and claim your rightful place on the throne of your life?


And, you are exactly where you are meant to be…

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Created For You, Because of You…

For the longest time we, too, believed that the life we were dreaming of for ourselves only happened to “other people”. That it just “wasn’t in the cards” for us.

Call it Karma, call it circumstance, or perhaps it was just plain bad luck… whatever you want to call it, there was a moment when we, too, began to believe that we might be destined to have a really “good” life… but, it wasn’t going to be an extraordinary life.

Over the years, however, we’ve come to understand that the woman each of us is supposed to be deserves her rightful place in the sun. So does every other woman out there. So do YOU. This is why we chose to create the Ignite The Woman Within retreat – an exquisite 8-day adventure designed to reawaken your soul, reconnect you to your life-given gifts and teach you how to express your true essence in the world.



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Wake Up To Who YOU Are Meant To Be

That slow, silent ache within your heart are the whispers of the real YOU — those brilliant parts of yourself that you unknowingly buried deep inside a long time ago.

Hidden, desiring to be seen… yearning to be heard.

Society has conditioned you to spend much of your adult life living mostly from within your head. This is what has left you in a perpetual state of trying to make sense of life by looking for what is logical and using only your intellect as your compass. However, THIS is what is emotionally and energetically paralyzing you and keeping you disconnected from your body, your intuition and your passions.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is that transformation and feminine radiance exist well beyond your environment, what you own, your financial means or how smart you are.

Feminine radiance and that deep personal connection with yourself at a soul-level is deeply rooted in an ancient bodily wisdom that must be felt to be heard, seen and understood. Perhaps you have forgotten how to access that part of yourself. Or, maybe you aren’t sure you’ve ever even had it. What we promise you is that it is there and it is alive. It simply sits… dormant, waiting to be reawakened.

Waiting… to be Ignited!

This full-on, authentic ownership of yourself, your desires and your dreams can only emerge through real-life experiences between you and your intuition — created through a connection and “conversation” with your body and heart — not your head alone.

This is not a power you can access by reading about it in a book or hearing about it sitting in a chair at the latest personal development workshop. It exists in each of us — within you – all the time. And, it is fully accessible to you at every given moment. The secret lies in deciding that you are ready to truly see yourself as who you were born to be.

Who you already truly are.

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Hear The Call

Your life.

It is happening right now. Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances to then begin living the life of your dreams. Your ability to source your true feminine radiance and power is available in this very moment.

If there is any part of you that feels that your radiance — your inner light as a woman — is even slightly dimmed, then allow us show you how to fan the flames of your passions and blow on the embers of your dreams.

Here is the truth…

You are smart. You are incredibly accomplished. You likely have a pretty good group of friends and a decent degree of love in your life. You have amazing ideas and brilliant dreams, goals and ambitions.

Despite all of this, in the face of all these amazing things, at your core you still feel disconnected from parts of yourself, unfulfilled by your current circumstances or unsatisfied with who you are at this stage in your life. You sense there is something more, yet aren’t clear on how to tap into the level of happiness and fulfillment you seek at a deep, soulful level.

This is a tough place to be, especially when you feel helpless, confused and all alone on your path.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s the thing… you do not have to do yoga to feel fully connected to your body, you do not have to understand energy to learn how access your intuition, and you do not have to align your chakras before you can feel fully expressed in our world. 

By learning how to use your inner guidance, in the supportive arms of new-found friendships and sisterhood, you have the ability to create a powerful space for yourself to organically unfold into the woman you know in heart you could be.

Come. Sit with us in this circle of women as you rediscover yourself newly and we journey together, back home… to YOU.

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Your Adventure Awaits…

Wouldn’t you agree that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is madly in love with herself? Want to know a secret? YOU are exactly in the right place and precisely where you are meant to be to feel like this woman yourself — right now! In fact, at this very moment you already have everything you need to make it happen.

By learning how to use an easily accessible body “technology”, you actually hold the power to amp up the volume of full expression in your life and turn up the dial on your aliveness. The trick is that women learn best through the world of experience and practicethrough our bodies and, ideally, inside of a safe feeling community. However, we have been conditioned over our lifetime to operate primarily in our heads. As a result, we are left with the sinking feels of trying to make sense of it all.

The Ignite The Woman Within retreat is meant to plunge you profoundly into the world of who you are as a woman and rediscover your brilliance and your glory. This unforgettable week-long adventure has been carefully created to deconstruct whatever is in the way of you stepping into your full-on power.

Each experience is especially designed to catalyze shifts at a cellular level. You will not be asked to take notes, or remember acronyms or even distinctions. Instead, you will be guided back into the wisdom of your body and heart through real-time “adventure workshops” and sacred circles all inside the arms of Mother Nature and the beauty of Costa Rica.




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How It Begins… Deep Within.

Lush jungles, thermal rivers and remote waterfalls are where we begin our epic adventure.

The leap-off point for this inward adventure begins in the jungle for a few key reasons…

For women, the exploration into themselves begins at the center of who they are at their core. It is from this place that we can empower ourselves to unearth the treasures that exist within our hearts. And so, to mirror that inward journey that you have so courageously chosen to embark on, we begin in the heart of the jungle.

The center of who you are is filled with wildness, lush lands, intense experiences, rich and earthy goodness, majestic beauty… as well as darkness and shadows. As you learn to soak it in, accept, embrace (and play!) in the diversity, challenges and wild expressions of the jungle, so too will you learn to listen and love all of who and what you truly are.

The space is designed specifically to hold you in comfort, without coddling you or enabling you to hide from your edges. And, at times, stretch you a little beyond your comfort zone. Come prepared to get up close and personal with the resilient, fierce and powerful wonderland that is being a woman alive and on fire.

The Moment of Transition… Your Quest Deepens.

Mid-retreat you will bid farewell to the jungle ​and all of her magic to embark on a journey through changing landscapes and spectacular views.

With fun stops along the way, use this time as a moment to pause and reflect. Or, embrace this opportunity to connect, share and deep dive with your new sisters.

Soak in this moment in whatever ways you choose!

Our Final Destination… Discovering The Goddess Within.

Arrive to the edges of this gorgeous land and bathe in exquisite beauty of its pristine beaches and crystal waters. Home of one of the world’s sacred Blue Zones (one of five sacred pockets on the planet where 1 in 3 humans live beyond the age of 100!), Nosara is a small oasis perfect for unleashing the next iteration of you.

Your final rite of passage unfolds alongside ocean surf for a few key reasons…

As a woman, you were inherently born to appreciate beauty and delight. Taking in epic sunsets and breathing in the salty air is one of the most nourishing things you can do for your body and yourself. By relearning how to play, connect and celebrate alongside Mother Nature in new ways, you begin to strip away at the unhealthy thoughts, limiting beliefs and old, unnecessary patterns that are getting in the way of your ecstatic joy.

We, as woman, are givers by nature. You are probably no exception. In fact, you are likely an incredibly generous human being who often puts others before herself. When you intentionally and consciously learn new ways to “fill” yourself up, you become way better equipped to generously offer your gifts to the people in your life. This part of the journey will show you how to really relax, fully recharge and nurture YOU back to fullness so that you return home to your loved ones completely nourished, feeling uniquely you and whole.

Your wonderland awaits you, my dear!

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Say YES To You…

This special invitation has been lovingly created, just for you, to explore the depths of who you are. Ignite The Woman Within is an exclusive immersion that will leave you marveling at your magic, stepping into your power and fully seeing your beauty.

This is our guarantee…

Excursions, adventure and spontaneous moments of play, nestled amongst soul-nourishing workshops, will forever be imprinted onto your heart. There will be hugs, there will be tears, you will laugh your booty off as you learn how to gracely navigate uncomfortable edges. You will be up close and personal with Mother Nature, as well as a new tribe of sisters who will each serve as wonder-full reflections for your strength, your stories, your armor and, most of all, the power of your heart.

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Harnesses The Power Of Sisterhood, Embody Mother Nature & Rekindle Your Power

  • A small, intimate experience reserved for 8 hand-selected women.
  • An intentional and safe space to ensure personalized attention, profound self-discoveries and lasting transformation.
  • Supported group coaching, inspiring deep dives and adventure workshops.
  • Delicious, culturally-inspired nourishing and nutritious meals.
  • A fun, creative playground to let loose, explore and create life-long friendships that will help you remember how to trust your power.
  • Dynamic self-exploration exercises to facilitate the “uprooting” of out-dated, limiting beliefs (many of which you may not even be aware of).
  • Movement-based trainings in nature to heighten body awareness and intuition so that you actually feel, shift and integrate learnings at the cellular level in real-time.
  • A renewed connection and profound appreciation for your body.
  • Healing of any past distance between you and your embodiment of The Feminine — the seat of your creativity and power as a woman.
  • New found access and understanding of your desires and pleasure.
  • A deeper level of trust of other women and learning how to cultivate rich and more meaningful friendships.
  • A sourceful relationship with yourself as a woman in all of your vulnerable and glorious iterations.
  • Breathing life back into your long-lost dreams and igniting new hopes and wishes.




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Dates & Details At a Glance

We’d love to tell you everything you are going to get and do, but there is just so much goodness that awaits that we simply don’t want to ruin the surprise!

However, below we have provided a brief overview of what your 8-day exotic escapade into The Tropics looks like:

Saturday, April 30th

Sunday, May 1st through Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Jungle adventures
  • Waterfall trekking
  • Hot spring rivers
  • Exploring ancient volcanic lands

Wednesday, May 4th

  • Send-off breakfast at Princess De La Luna
  • Road trip through Costa Rica’s majestic landscape as we transition out of the mountain jungles onto the Pacific Coast
  • Arrival at Jade Luxury Villa
  • Goddess Dinner

Thursday, May 5th through Friday, May 6th

  • Enchanting beauty, sacred sands and crystal waters
  • River tour adventure
  • Captivating animals and wildlife
  • Fire ceremony & celebration
  • Dancing under the moon and stars
  • A number of special surprises along the way…

Saturday, May 7th

  • Farewell Breakfast
  • Final hugs & sendoff
  • Departure to Nosara Airport

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What’s Included

  • Group airport pickup and drop off
  • 8 days & 7 nights full accommodation
  • All of your meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Admission into all adventures and excursions
  • Shuttle to and from all excursions, experiences and epic adventures
  • Intimate and intensive group exercises and specially designed workshops
  • A personalized experience with two highly trained co–facilitators
  • Secret surprises

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Sacha Lalla                           Sylvia Ferrero

We are two badass women who have over 30+ years of combined experience in teaching women how to link the sacred with the street, the heart to the body and the imagination to the practical. We adore women who are on a mission to make their lives a living, breathing masterpiece. If this is you, we are thrilled to be the trampolines for your soul and the cheerleaders of your dreams.

This weekend is our personal invitation to the party called YOUR LIFE.

It is a deeply personal and unique way to recharge, renew and remember who you really are. If you can feel that heart-felt “YES” nudging at you from the inside, that is your soul whispering that it is time to reclaim your throne and take back your crown.

If you are meant to be here, you already know this inside you. It is simply time to uncover why.

So, do not waste another ounce of your precious time waiting and wondering. You are meant be here and it is possible to make this dream experience your reality. You deserve this. You are worth it.

How To Apply

You must apply via the ‘Reserve Now’ button below.

As we are wholly committed to keeping this experience intimate and intentional, this retreat is by invitation onlySpace for this retreat is capped at 8 hand-selected women.

Should you have any questions or would like to get in contact with us directly feel free to reach out to us at Sacha@Sachalalla.com





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Come find your tribe, seek out your dreams, remember what it means to be fully alive. Ignited!

This life is yours to make the epic adventure you always wished it to be. Join us as, together, we fall in love with ourselves and each other in sisterhood, in the heart of a land known for its power, presence and magic.  

Your Queendom awaits!

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Still Unsure?

That is perfectly normal. Given the content that will be covered in this weekend intensive, we want to be sure that only the women who are up for this type of work and discovery apply. So, in order to figure out if this is right for you (or not) do the following…

  1. Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your tummy, just below your belly button.
  2. Lean back in your chair, relax your shoulders and your face, then close your eyes as you begin to take 3 deep breaths — 5 seconds inhale, 5 seconds exhale.
  3. Once your body feels relaxed, check in with your heart and your gut. Ask yourself, “Do I really want this for me?”

Your intuition and body always know how to guide you with whatever comes up. When you do this exercise, fully empower them by following the feelings wherever they take you. If the answer is that this is not for you, we trust and honor your choice and hope to be with you at some future training series or live event. If, however, the intuitive answer in your heart and body feels like a YES, we are excited to play with you soon! Start right now by honoring your innate body wisdom and get curious about what is calling you here. Reach out to us and we will jump on a call to support you in finding out what is on the other side of that YES. From there, we will also send you additional program details on how to turn this dream into your reality. There is no commitment and no obligation on this call… it is simply an opportunity to explore. No matter what, know that you are loved, adored and accepted.




Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 2 We are so committed to having this experience profoundly change your life that if after 15-days of registration you suddenly realize that Ignite The Woman Within is not for you, we will fully refund your money.   ***Refund must be requested within 2 weeks of the retreat start day — by April 15th.

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Freedom belongs to the woman who discovers how to unearth her gifts, harness their magic and share them with the world. 





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