A Getaway

To Reconnect With

Your Joy, Love + Sense of Adventure

Think of it as a way to reawaken your soul, with Nature holding you.

An exclusive retreat in La Fortuna and Nosara, Costa Rica

May 5-12, 2018

What Is Ignite Costa Rica?

Time Away

Family, work, relationships, finances…whether your day-to-day life feels maxed out or mundane, getting away to recalibrate yourself is a necessity–and critical if you haven’t done it in awhile.

Real Connections

Finding nourishing, authentic female friendships isn’t always easy when the rest of life consumes most of our time. Here’s an opportunity to embrace the strength of true sisterhood.

Peace & Quiet

Time connecting with yourself is as rejuvenating as finding new friendship. Nature has her way of helping you listen to yourself again, even if it’s been years.

New Passion

The “zest” of your 20s is alive in you…but maybe under many layers. When those layers can safely dissolve, your renewed passion (now with years of wisdom) will thrive.

Who Is This For?

Ignite Costa Rica is an intimate gathering of women from multiple countries who come together to connect, grow, support each other, and learn from two experts, each another and themselves.

Our signature retreat takes place once a year in Costa Rica, with the first half in the jungle and the second by the ocean. This event gathers an extraordinary community of ladies driven by their desire to find inspiration, to reignite the fire within themselves. At Ignite Costa Rica, you’ll receive powerful training, profound mind shifts, bio-hacking techniques, deep connections, incredible sightseeing and unique opportunities to expand your ability to accomplish bold things.

What does it involve?

Your 8-day retreat will bring together a jungle sanctuary, a beach resort, master chefs, deep discussions and world-class trainers for interactive workshops, talks on self-discovery, passion and fulfillment and plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate.

A curated group

Catered cuisine

Interactive Workshops

Spa Treatment

Connection + discussion


Your Invitation to Indulge Your Fire Within

In the mix and bustle of your amazing life, is there a brighter, more authentic YOU yearning to step forward? A joy, a love, a sense of adventure that wants to come alive again? Do you go to sleep wondering if the gifts that you are meant to share will go undiscovered and unexpressed in this lifetime?


For the longest time we, too, believed that the life we were dreaming of for ourselves only happened to “other people”. That it just “wasn’t in the cards” for us.

Call it Karma, call it circumstance, or perhaps it was just plain bad luck… whatever you want to call it, there was a moment when we, too, began to believe that we might be destined to have a really “good” life… but, it wasn’t going to be an extraordinary life.

Here’s What You’ll Get From This Retreat…

A deeper authentic connection to your sensuality: for example, feeling brave enough to dress up and even move your body in ways that you aren’t used to

Feeling connected to your beauty in a new way that is beyond your age or size or insecurities: many mothers who attend speak about being able to break free of the ‘mom’ persona by dressing up and to remind themselves of their beauty

Feeling like you have made deep, meaningful friendships that sustain well past the retreat ends: many women who’ve attended these retreat are still in touch via our groups and meet up regularly (even when coming from different continents)

Having the courage to pursue what lights you up: to branch out and pursue your passions. Multiple women have left great paying government jobs to pursue their passion in photography or art or design so that they can live more in alignment with their heart’s calling while not compromising on money.

Being able to connect with your kids in a way that moves you from being an observer to remembering how to play yourself. Returning from the retreat, women have spoken about how much closer they feel with their kids, able to engage in them in a way that was deeper than before…especially with their daughters. You’ll find it easier to relate in a way that is nurturing without the power dynamic always been on high alert

Being brave enough to leave the toxic relationships and communities that don’t have you feeling free to live life on your terms. Some women have been in toxic relationships of family systems and felt trapped or stuck. Many have ended those relationships and been able to move out into new communities where they feel much more expressed and empowered to live life on their terms.

Seeing what were once weaknesses as your strengths–specifically when it comes to your body conversations you had about being too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too old/young too pretty or not pretty enough. Many times we don’t see the attributes we have until we see how it is something other woman wishes for.

Explore the Best of Costa Rica

Choosing a country like Costa Rica for a retreat designed to IGNITE you is a no-brainer. This land is ancient, wild and pure..her caverns are deep, her edges drown into the sea and her soil nourishes a vibrant jungle ecosystem.

She’s strong and gorgeous, ready to be your haven and your springboard.

Our retreat will take you exploring in several places so that you can appreciate the diversity of the country and culture.
Designed in tandem with our activities, you’ll get a taste of both the wild rainforest as well as the calm oceanfront.

The 2018 Ignite Itinerary

How It Begins: Deep Within.

May 5th – 7th

Lush jungles, thermal rivers and remote waterfalls are where we begin our epic adventure.

The leap-off point for this inward adventure begins in the jungle for a few key reasons.

For women, the exploration into themselves begins at the center of who they are at their core.  And so, to mirror that inward journey that you have chosen to embark on, we begin in the heart of the jungle. The space is designed specifically to hold you in comfort, without coddling you or enabling you to hide from your edges. And, at times, stretch you a little beyond your comfort zone. Come prepared to get up close and personal with the resilient, fierce and powerful wonderland that is being a woman alive and on fire.

The Moment of Transition: The Quest Deepens.

May 8th

Mid-retreat you will bid farewell to the jungle and all of her magic to embark on a journey through changing landscapes and spectacular views. With fun stops along the way, use this time as a moment to pause and reflect. Or, embrace this opportunity to connect, share and deep dive with your new sisters.

Soak in this moment in whatever ways you choose!

Our Final Destination: Discovering the Goddess Within.

May 8th – 12th

Arrive to the edges of this gorgeous land, it’s home of one of the world’s sacred Blue Zones (one of five sacred pockets on the planet where 1 in 3 humans live beyond the age of 100!), Nosara is a small oasis perfect for unleashing the next iteration of you.

Your final rite of passage unfolds alongside ocean surf for a few key reasons…

As a woman, you were inherently born to appreciate beauty and delight. Taking in epic sunsets and breathing in the salty air is one of the most nourishing things you can do for your body and yourself. By relearning how to play, connect and celebrate alongside Mother Nature in new ways, you begin to strip away at the unhealthy thoughts, limiting beliefs and old, unnecessary patterns that are getting in the way of your ecstatic joy.

This part of the journey will show you how to deeply connect to your body, truly feel the beauty you have to offer and fully nurture yourself back to fullness so that you return home to your loved ones completely nourished, feeling uniquely you and whole. Your wonderland awaits you, my dear!

We limit to 10 spots. Register Now.

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