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Retreat in Costa Rica

An exclusive retreat in La Fortuna and Nosara, Costa Rica

May 5-12, 2018

How much ‘down time’ will I have?

This retreat is very much dependant on the collective conversation and magic that happens within a group of women, however if you are requiring down time there are many optotronics to retreat to your room early or walk solo on various excursions should you need to have more time to yourself.

How far is drive from airport to the first resort in Arenal?

Our bus will pick you up at San Jose airport on the first day and drive you up the beautiful lady case towards Arenal volcano.

The bus ride will take a couple hrs. Though we have never had any issues in the past if you are sensitive to long car rides we advise you bring motion sickness medication or candied ginger to help you should you need it.

How far is the bus ride between the Arenal Jungle and Nosara Beach?

Half way through the retreat we leave the jungle and head to the ocean the bus ride between the two resorts is XX hours but is filled with bathroom breaks and nice long lunch breaks so ensure we are able to stretch our legs, go to the bathroom and get some fresh air.

Will I be able to do some shopping while I am there?

Both places that we stay art allow for you to have sometime to do some shopping in the local town and pick up whatever souvenirs and gifts you would like to purchase.

Will the accommodations be shared with people not in the retreat?

For both resort we have booked out the entire space so that the only people we run into are the women on our retreat or the staff

What if i dietary concerns?

We are able to manage most dietary concern within reason.
Vegetarian, gluten free and vegan are all possible. If you have other dietary issues that need to be addressed please contact us for more info.

What if i don’t know anyone going?

Most women who have been on our retreats have known no other ladies attending and in some cases many women have not even known Sylvia or sacha beyond the initial consultation call. Part of the beauty of going somewhere new where you know nobody is that you get to really reinvent yourself without worrying about what people already think of you or expect of you.

Do I need a visa to go to CR?

For people travelling with US or Canadian passport you will not need a visa to enter CR but please be sure to check and make sure your travel documents are up to date and that you have at least 6 months on them Also please be sure to check and make sure that you do not require any further cosmrtanetion to enter this country.

Where should I fly into?

The best place to fly into is San Jose airport. It is the main airport in Costa Rica. Many women choose to fly in the day before and we can make sure to connect you with other women who may be arriving early so you can meet up or share a room.

We depart San Jose airport early afternoon on saturday so it is critical you are there on time.

What if my flight arrives late and i miss the bus to the report?

If you miss the bus to the resort due to improper booking or flight delays you will be responsible for getting yourself to the resort. We will however make every effort to help arrange a pick up for you and ensure you arrive safely by a trusted driver however you will have to absorb tahta ost.

I’m kind of an extrovert will I have space to have solo time?

Though ttheretrat wi packd iwth many amazing excusions and adventures there is time slots littered throughout the day for women to take some down time or go off on their own.

Even during the events that we have planned individuals can still choose to have solo time and do the events at their own pace or wander off to regroup and go inward if need be.

Do I need any shots or medications with me?

Please be sure to check for yourself whatever shots or medications you may need to go.

Though there are no current outbreaks happening in Costa Rica at this time it is up to you to be sure you are medically prepared to attend this retreta in this country.

Are accommodations private or shared?

The resort itself is private however the rooms will be shared with other women in the retreat, this is done on purpose as it allows for women to connect and sink in when processing the events of the day and also allows women to stay open and not hide out. Which we have found is very easy when you have private room to hide out in.

The sport itself has many nooks and crannies for you to get solo time should you need it whoever we want to ensure every woman is seen and heard